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Living with my family in Germany

Surprises and expectations – let´s get together again!

Living with my family in Germany

Surprises and expectations – let’s get together again!

It‘s Christmas time again! We are going to get together again on 12 December 2018, to escape from the Christmas stress, which especially mothers are experiencing during this time of the year.

If you are looking for something typical of German culture, Christmas is one of the best starting points.

Which are typical Christmas rituals in Germany?

How do we celebrate Christmas?

Is Christmas still a religious festival?

Is there an INTERCULTURAL way of celebrating Christmas?

Lots of exciting questions!


We are looking forward to seeing you.

Beate Pfeiffer und Simone Truderung


12. Dezember 2018

10:00-12:30 h

9,- € incl. Coffee/Tea, cookies

(Optional lunch: 12:30-13:00 h 12,50 €)


You want to come? Please send an E-Mail to:

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